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Office hours occur on M-Th. If you wish to see me during lunch, you must sign up. There are 2 time slots: 12:15-12:30 and 12:30-12:45. You must post before 11:00 a.m. for a same day visit. 

First post, first served. If you happen to sign up for a day and time that someone had previously reserved, you may still come in but will not be guaranteed face time. Sign up by commenting on this post. Make sure to leave your name, date and time you wish to come. Additional information as to the nature of the visit will help me prepare materials for you. Format your comment like this:

William Shakespeare – August 18, 12:30-12:45 – Need help with sentence length in my essay.




April 30, 2015

APLC: Synthesize ideas. Students were re-took the MC Swift and submitted their answer change justifications. Then students worked on a synthesis one pager through google docs.

HW: Synthesis one pager (5/4)

11th: Analyze character. Students worked in groups to answer questions for chapter 5 on a google doc.

HW: Finish questions

April 29, 2015

APLC: Justify answers. Students worked in groups to justify answers to the MC Swift 1-33. These answers were gathered on a google doc.

HW: Redo MC Swift 1-33. Explain changes to your answers.

11th: Analyze symbols. Students worked in groups through a google doc to analyze symbol. This was printed out at the end of the period.

April 28, 2015

APLC: Evaluate Essay. Students were given an MLA Formatted Paper example. Students were to use that to evaluate adherence to MLA guidelines for another student’s paper. Then students took a 33 question AP MC Test.

HW: Read Atomic Age 1467-1478. Complete questions. Jigsaw with your group. 4 questions per person. Done through a google doc. SHARE with your group, work on one document. Print for submission.

11th: Period 2-3. Vocabulary chapter 5. Read chapter 5, complete all questions.

April 23, 2015

APLC: Compose Essay. Students wrote a Synthesis ICE.

HW: Read rubric, essays and commentary found in 2014 Synth Scoring Commentary, Read partner’s paper, score and write scoring commentary based on the following model.

Scoring Commentary Model:

Green = Effectiveness of addressing the prompt. State the thesis/position.
Yellow = Explanation of logos
Red = Conclusion with evidence
Blue = Evaluation of evidence and explanations. Comment on prose. Score

11th: Cite evidence to support claims. Students worked in groups to answer questions. Questions were found in the google classroom. Print outs were required at the end of the period.

April 20-21, 2015

APLC: Evaluate essay. PQPS done through PeerMark in Student review survey through google classroom.

11th: Analyze purpose. Quiz on chapter 3. Students completed a graphic reflection through google classroom in groups.

HW: Paragraph for students who missed the quiz or want to replace their grade. Done through google classroom.


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