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Office hours occur on M-Th. If you wish to see me during lunch, you must sign up. There are 2 time slots: 12:15-12:30 and 12:30-12:45. You must post before 11:00 a.m. for a same day visit. 

First post, first served. If you happen to sign up for a day and time that someone had previously reserved, you may still come in but will not be guaranteed face time. Sign up by commenting on this post. Make sure to leave your name, date and time you wish to come. Additional information as to the nature of the visit will help me prepare materials for you. Format your comment like this:

William Shakespeare – August 18, 12:30-12:45 – Need help with sentence length in my essay.




May 19-21, 2015

5/19: Literary Analysis Graphic through Google classroom.
5/20: Ch 4 and 6 quiz. Literary Analysis Graphic through Google classroom.
5/21: Literary Analysis Graphic through Google classroom.

5/19: 1st Draft time
5/20: peer mark of 1st draft through
5/21: Final draft time. Due tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. Through

May 18, 2015

APLC: Quiz chapters 1 & 3 of Gatsby. Literary Analysis Graphic through google classroom done in groups.

HW: Read chapters 4-6 (Wednesday)

11th: Outline essay. Students started outlining ideas for their essay. This outline can be found through the google classroom.

HW: Finish outline. No late work.

May 13, 2015


HW: Final Draft Due 5/15 8:00 a.m.

11th: Analyze theme. Students took a quiz on chapters 8 and 9 of Gatsby. Then students started work on the Thematic Graphic Essay through google classroom.

HW: Finish Vocab GO (5/15). Test Friday. Thematic Graphic Essay due Friday.

May 7, 2015

APLC: Full MC Test.

HW: If APUSH Student, complete essay commentary for rhetorical analysis essay through google classroom/form. Read samples before giving commentary.

IF APBIO Student, there is an argumentative essay prompt in the google classroom. Complete the essay in 40 minutes. Bring essay to class on Tuesday.

11th: Quiz chapter 7. Students completed reading logs for chapter 7 with their groups through google classroom. Assignment is due tomorrow at the end of the period.

HW: If APUSH student, complete your portion of the reading logs for your group.

May 6, 2015

APLC: Students made plans to make up In Class Essays. Those that did not complete the Rhetorical Analysis Essay will need to complete it tonight for homework. Tomorrow’s MC will start at 7:55.

HW: Rhetorical Analysis Essay In Class Essay (for those absent yesterday)

11th: Finish reading chapter 7 of Gatsby. Complete questions


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